Contact/Review Policies

I'm currently not accepting any ebook review request other than netgalley.

Review Policies :

I only review young adult books in this blog. My reviews are honest and personal opinion, not influenced by any other review. Any article of this blog are not subject to be copied, stolen or duplicated. Author and Publishers, if you want to use my review of that particular book, you are most welcome but please provide a direct link of my blog.
If I accept any review request I will have right not to review your book in case I do not enjoy the particular title. I normally post a review within two months of receiving the novel, and in case for ARCs close to release date, but I will have full right to delay my review in case I'm busy with some personal reason.

My Rating Policy :

One Star = Either I hate this or I never finished it.

Two Stars = It's okey. Not good of course and there is no chance I'm gonna read the squeals.

Three Star = I liked this book and I'm going to read the next installments.

Four Star = I loved this book. The was nearly perfect but not flawless.

Five Star = Amazing in one word. Superb and Rocking. Highly recommend.